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LPT: If you have concrete steps or a concrete transition from

LPT: If you have concrete steps or a concrete transition from pavement to your garage floor, never use rock salt to melt ice. It will eat through your concrete like a piranha. Instead use calcium chloride pellets.

How to Remove Calcium Chloride Residue From Flooring

Calcium chloride is a salt, like rock salt -- or sodium chloride -- and it can come into your house on your shoes, through pores in a concrete pad or in hard water. The streaks look easy to remove ...

Concrete Technology in Focus

chloride. Sodium chloride is commonly known as table salt, and until recently, calcium chloride was widely used to ... will only result in a marginal increase in the total chloride ion content of the concrete. 4) Chloride-bearing admixtures can contribute used as ...

Chloride ion penetration resistance of concrete containing

Sodium chloride solution immersion was more aggressive to concrete than tap water and 10% sodium chloride solution caused the lowest chloride penetration resistance. In addition, 15–25% by weight FA can significantly improve chloride penetration resistance not only in tap water but also in sodium chloride solution.

Chloride Contamination of Concrete - Birmingham City Laboratories

When dissolved in water sodium chloride forms a highly corrosive solution of sodium ions Na+ and chloride ions Cl-. The chloride ions can diffuse through concrete pores in solution and attack the passive layer protecting the steel reinforcement leading to corrosion.

Ingress of NaCl in concrete with alkali reactive aggregate

As expected, the concentrations of sodium and, correspondingly, chloride increase with the duration of NaCl exposure (Fig. 6) as sodium and chloride ion diffuse into the concrete. Concentrations close to the external storage solution were reached over a period of 274 days (age: 1 year).

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Calcium Chloride in Portland Cement Concrete

concrete at 70°F. Set times below 50°F will be longer, but the accelerated cure rate will still be greater than that of plain concrete. In addition to the important contributions of cold weather protection and early strength of concrete, calcium chloride provides other benefits as well:

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Chemical Resistance Chart for Concrete - G.K. Chesterton

Sodium Chloride (dry) [NaCl] 1 1 1 1 1 ... Chemical Resistance Chart for Concrete Ambient temperature and maximum concentration apply, unless otherwise noted.


EFFECT OF SODIUM FORMATE AND SODIUM CHLORIDE ON CONCRETE This laboratory test program was undertaken to determine the effects of two deicing chemicals, sodium formate and sodium chloride on concrete. Thirty eight concrete brick samples were ...

Effect of Dosage of Non-Chloride Accelerator versus Chloride

Effect of Dosage of Non-Chloride Accelerator versus Chloride Accelerator on the Cracking Potential of Concrete Repair Slabs by Thomas F. Meagher IV A thesis submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Master of Science in Civil Engineering Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering College of Engineering

Impacts of Potassium Acetate and Sodium-Chloride Deicers

3/3/2017 · In this study, the effects of sodium chloride (NaCl) and potassium acetate (KAc) deicers were investigated using concrete samples obtained from the field bridge deck coring and those prepared in …

The Role of Calcium Chloride in Concrete

Many properties of concrete are affected to various degrees by calcium chloride: the heat of hydration at 1 day increases 30 percent; tensile strength at 28 days is slightly decreased; flexural strength at 7 days is increased by 10 percent; flexural strength at 28 days is a 0 to 15 decrease; and volume change shows a 0 to 15 increase.

Concrete Testing with Chloride & Sulphates Tests

Chloride testing (and other chemical tests) of concrete can provide extremely useful information regarding the cause of defects or damage to concrete. The chemical concrete tests most frequently carried out are Chloride Test, Cement Content Test, Concrete Carbonation Test, Sulphate Test, Type of Cement Test and the Alkali Test.

Chloride Resistance of Concrete

5 Chloride Resistance of Concrete 3.2 Factors Relating to Concrete External chlorides penetrate into the interconnecting pores in concrete as bulk liquid by convection, and chloride ions diffuse further into the saturated pore system.

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What Does Calcium Chloride Do to My Lawn?

Commonly found in deicing products, calcium chloride is an alternative to the ubiquitous and inexpensive sodium chloride, or rock salt. Because it is more expensive and more difficult to handle than rock salt, calcium chloride is rarely if ever applied for removing the ice on roads and highways.

Is magnesium chloride bad for concrete?

However, today there is much scientific information and evidence on the concrete damaging effects of magnesium chloride. While deicing salts containing sodium, potassium and calcium are chemically innocuous to concrete, this is not true of magnesium.

Chloride Content Test For Concrete Structure Durability

Rapid chloride test method is also known as RCT method and it is one of the most important and quick methods for testing of acid soluble chloride in concrete. On the field chloride content test for concrete includes the use of the chloride ion sensitive electrode. This also known as Rapid Chloride test Kit-4.

Chloride Diffusion of Concrete on Using GGBS

An attempt is made to replace partially GGBS for cement in concrete of M20 & M25 grades and study its Chloride diffusion. GGBS is replaced for cement in the level of 10%, 20%, 30%, 40%, 50% and 60%. The study results showed that, with the increase in

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China Industrial Grade Tech Grade Concrete Sodium Gluconate - China Sodium Gluconate, Concrete

China Industrial Grade Tech Grade Concrete Sodium Gluconate, Find details about China Sodium Gluconate, Concrete Admixture from Industrial Grade Tech Grade Concrete Sodium Gluconate - Binzhou Chengli Building Materials Co., Ltd.


chloride content at a 1-in. (25.4-mm) depth within the concrete with a water-cement ratio of 0.40 after 330 salt applications with a 3 percent NaCl solution was 437 ppm chloride on a concrete basis. Conversely, for water-cement ratios of 0.5 and 0.6, the maximum chloride contents were 1,555 and 1, 701 ppm chloride respectively.

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Concrete Concrete Sodium Chloride

More Concrete Concrete Sodium Chloride images

Sodium Chloride (rock salt) – U.S. Salt

Sodium Chloride Halite. Description Irregularly shaped sodium chloride crystals. Relative deicing speed Slower than calcium chloride. Lowest practical temperature Down to 20° F. Effect on concrete Does not chemically attack concrete. Can cause damage from freeze-induced expansion pressures by increasing number of freeze/thaw cycles. Effect on ...

Chloride Testing Equipment | Measure chloride in wet or dry

The determination of the chloride ion concentration in concrete is essential in assessing the need for maintenance on, for example, bridge decks and parking structures. The test can also be used to ensure that materials used in new construction are free from potentially harmful chloride ion levels.